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Hi, my name is Preston, I live where the monsters are in Houston Texas. I have two great kids who still like me (At this point), and a wonderful wife who supports me in all thing “Preston”. Some of my hobbies are Home Brewing, Automotive Restoration/Repair, Cycling, and Weight Lifting.

I wanted to create a blog space about home brewing and invite anyone who enjoys the hobby of home brewing to join in and start blogging. This website is dedicated to the Happenings/Mishappenings/Adventures/Misadventures during my journey as a home brewer. I will attempt to keep things fairly light and explain things to the best of my ability. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, this is a contact sport after all.

I have not been brewing for an extended time like some people I know, but as with all my hobbies, I do a fair amount of research before I jump into anything. I have read many books and have a fair knowledge of what I’m doing and how to adjust to things as they appear. So if you are interested in home brewing, and don’t mind reading some of my own ramblings, pull up a chair, pop open a HB, sit back, relax and read some of my ramblings.